Dementia Care Professionals of America


Dementia Care Professionals of America is a branch of the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America. DCPA offers a two-part training series about caring for those with dementia. Presented in a practical and user-friendly fashion, the program provides essential information for the safe and effective care of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and all other types of dementia.

This training can be completed in the comfort of your own home; just simply go online to order the materials. Once you place your order, they will mail you a set of DVDs for you to watch and keep. An accompanying CD-ROM includes numerous fact sheets and learning guides for each section, as well as test instructions, questions and answer sheets. Once you have watched the videos, you will be required to complete a test and mail it back to DCPA. If you pass the test, you will have earned a qualification and will be certified. There are two levels of qualification, one designated for each part of the series. CEUs are also available.

Please note: This program is not officially affiliated with the Alzheimer’s Alliance. This is for informational purposes only to make this excellent program available to professional caregivers in Smith County. We encourage everyone who provides care for those with dementia to complete the training.